Radio Interview

A few months ago, I gave a radio interview for, along with a friend of mine, the violist Charles Noble. This was back in September, in preparation for a show his quartet did in Portland of my music and several Britten pieces. You can listen to that interview here. The nice thing about it, I think, was being able to hear things from both the composer’s and the performer’s perspective.

The three pieces of mine performed on that concert were my First String Quartet, my oboe quartet, and my viola-and-piano piece. Those three pieces were paired with three by Britten for the same forces. The cool composer-geek thing about that for me was the way the two halves of the show were like inverse images of each other:

Ott: viola piece
Britten: oboe quartet
Ott: string quartet
Britten: viola piece
Ott: oboe quartet
Britten: string quartet

I dug this, since I tend to write a lot of music thinking along these lines. (Made for a long program, though!) At any rate, the Arnica Quartet (Charles’s group) did an amazing job. (Some of that performance is here on the site in various places.) So, check out the short interview when you’ve got a couple minutes to kill!

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