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Instrumentation: 2+pic.2.3+Ebcl+bcl+cacl.2asx+tsx+barsx.2/4.3.2+btrb.1+euph/timp.5perc/pf/db
Duration: ca. 7′
Commission: Gov. John R. Rogers High School Symphonic Winds (Puyallup, Wash.)
Premiere: 21 March 2003, Bands of America National Concert Band Festival (Indianapolis)

Download a (non-printable) PDF score of this work.

Complete work, recorded by the Rutgers University Wind Ensemble (William Berz, cond.):

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Program Note:

Grind was commissioned by the Puyallup (Wash.) School District for the Gov. John R. Rogers High School Symphonic Winds, directed by Bruce Leonardy. The piece depicts the life and death of a giant machine, possibly a vehicle, as suggested by the section titles “First Gear,” “Second Gear,” “Third Gear,” “Fourth Gear,” and “Overdrive – Reverse.” Creaking to life very slowly, our machine eventually reaches “cruising speed,” passing though the intervening stages, then suddenly speeds out of control, crashing to a halt. Since Rogers High is the composer’s alma mater, Grind is lovingly dedicated to the Symphonic Winds, the Rams who play therein, and their director.